2018 Line Award Winner Announced

The Line Award is the award the Greyhounds issue for the player who, in his minutes, made the greatest positive difference to his team. This is a measured award; the results come directly off of the film analysis and statistics.

It is my pleasure to announce that this award, like so many others this year, goes to Spencer Irvin.

Spencer has turned in one of the more individually impressive seasons in Greyhound history. He was second in minutes played on the team, tied for the team lead in scoring, and led the team in rebounds, steals, and recoveries. Pretty much, most of the time, he was the go-to solution at either the 2-guard or the small forward spot, which is probably a good thing, since he was also the team captain. I even played him a few minutes at power forward – mostly, because I really like him at that spot. And to top it off, he was awarded the Game Ball for Game 3, along with the Abele Trophy and the Smith Trophy. Now *THAT’S* a year.

My congratulations to you, Spencer, and all the work you did all throughout this season. You worked hard, and you earned all the accolades you’ve received.

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